Aviation Psychiatry

I have a long standing working relationship with the CAA and I have been providing psychiatric reports for many years.

Pilots and First Officers have been assessed for suitability for Class 1 Certification in the case of those with a history of mental health or addiction problems but I have also occasionally provided reports for Class 2 certification. The CAA has well defined treatment pathways and specific requirements for psychiatric evaluation.

My clinic are based in South London and near Gatwick which is convenient for many in the Aviation Industry. I also work with psychologists who have particular expertise in dealing with this branch of occupational medicine.

I have a close association with Dr David Tallent at aviation medical services that is based at Gatwick over many years (www.avmed.org.uk) and Dr Azita Jones (www.aeromedicals.co.uk).

I have a specific interest in drug and alcohol use and for objective testing, I use Cansford Laboratories (www.cansfordlabs.co.uk) for hair testing. It allows assessment of the previous three months drug use.

For blood analysis of liver enzymes etc, I use The Doctors Laboratory (www.tdlpathology.com).

To view the UK CAA's protocol for treatment of depression, click here.

To view the UK CAA's protocol for treatment of alcohol and substance misuse, click here.